Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rhythmism bridges the 20th & 21st Centuries with its progressive conceptual growth potential and design dynamics. It is showing up in fine and applied visual art on a regular basis.  As a teen
Onli viewed the core creative work of Jimi Hendrix as moving beyond the limits of urban or regular Black music by his embrace of thems related to sci-fi or mystism.  The basic unit of rhythm seemed to link larger aspects of compositions together. 

Thus Onli started using the term "Rhythm" to chart a new ambitious genre. He is still working on that one. 

Why imitate when one can innovate?
Brilliantly bold art critics have often addressed the innovative aspects of the Rhythmistic movement.  Here the future potential of Onli's works were addressed in a review.  Onli rarely would say no to a chance to show his artwork in galleries, school, stores or publications.

Collectors and curators will note that Onli is credited with two movements and visual arts terms. They are Rhythmism and the Black Age. of Comics.

"The Rhythmic Zone happens every 3rd Friday at ONLI STUDIOS." 

Projection and expression come together at these gatherings of creative visual artists, classical musicians, writers and enthusiast. The goal is to offset the asbence of Rhythmistic visual art in most commercial galleries.  It is the tree in the forest that made to loud noise as others pretended not to hear.  The idea of "Black" and visual genius going together is seriously surpressed.  The art of Blacks is almost always limited as expressions of passions and emotions and rarley referred to as being smaple of higher cognition.  We think, therefore we do. Adventures of intellect.  Excursions of the mind.

Since my teen years I have been looking to add these human qualities to the Rhythmistic experience.  Design elements and principles manipulated by thought along with purpose and communication.  While stated in a future-primitif context."

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