Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Curators, collectors, students, and investors will find Rhythmistic visual art compelling in its vision and precious for its innovation. The future-primitif premise that we all are similar at our core root. Yet propelled to a future context by way of the artistic and creative processes.
I am a third generation Rhythmistic visual artist.  The first being my late grandfather, The Rev. Samuel David Phillips.  His son put the first pencil in my hand when I was age three and so it began. Rev. Phillips was an ordained Pentecostal Pastor who was "called" to create charts expressing the Pentecostal vision to his flock. The one above was created by him in the late 1960s showing mans challenges in space......confronting and viewing the will of God. It is about 6ft high and 4ft wide.  I inherited about this collection. I place them in meaningful collections whenever possible. To share them for appreciation and study. As a two year old, I was taken into his home as his youngest son and watched him create many a chart.  Then witness him preaching the Word with them as his visual aides. Rhythmism.......YES!

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