Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

 When studying and working in Paris, I was doing Rhythmistic illustrations for MODE Avante Garde Magazine. I was based out of the AIFS office where Annick was a remarkable asset in this challenge. I showed her my work. She named the images "Venus". She thought it reminded her of the Boticelli classic. Not a matter of direct influences but one one reading compositional similarities or mood. Then comes the ravages implied in my Rhythmistic 911 Phoenix contrasted of the serene Euro-classic ' Venus on the Shell'. Both embrace iconic female forms to express passions of a different nature in a fantasy based setting. I tend to work without a model or photo reference…. I wonder wow Boticelli worked.
 The above cluster of images were actually created in 1977 while I lived in Paris and illustrated for the MODE-Avant Garde Magazine.

 This is a detail of the "Danse of the 911 Phoenix". It was started in a promotional event at the former Divine Alchemy Gallery in Saugatuck Michigan, 9-12/2001.  We were set up outside the gallery to create art as the public viewed our process. Based on the events of the day before in New York, I was inspired to envision the fierce rebirth of the American spirit freed of Evil. Over time I have added more luv ala Rhythmism to them.  It is looking for a home in a major permanent collection.

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