Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Monday, May 30, 2016

 DeKalb / Decatur GA.- The Sights & Sounds Museum of Black Culture now has a new display item from ONLI STUDIOS. Prof. Onli was there recently to make a lecture and signing presentation on "Why We Black Age It!".

The focus this presentation was that the Black Age of Comics is a growing open sourced genre in the business of graphic novels etc., that is not limited to ethnicity, persuasions or orientations. But does celebrate concepts derived from the Black, African, Urban or Indie experience expressed i comic books, games, animation or such.

Afterwards Onli surprised Founder / Curator Horton with a permanent gift of the ONLI STUDIOS landmark iconic promotional banner featuring Malcolm-10 and other Onliverse characters along with a strong reference to the Black Age of Comics genre.

Here is the banner, (with vintage creative homies Blues Master Mudbone and Onli,) displayed at the entrance of the Sights & Sounds Museum in the North DeKalb Mall in Decatur GA plus other photos of the banner in full effect. This is a museum in a mall….free admission for all to experience culture in real time!

 At the first C2-E2 Convention in Chicago with Capt. Black…….
 With Ms Cat in NY at the Schomberg Library ………..
With Ms Rahkel at BLACK AGE X in a money flow with fans a buying'!

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