Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Atlanta / Chicago - Sights & Sounds Museum of Black Culture hosted the first annual "Watermelon Festival" Rhythmistic art happening from ONLI STUDIOS. Prof. Onli has been visiting the emotionally and nutritionally charged watermelon in his artistic practice for decades. Here are a few pictures for those who asked about the event. We at ONLI STUDIOS want to express our appreciation and respect for all the positive and intelligent folks at Sights & Sounds along with all the energetic participants per the "Red, Black & Green" passion fruit creative festival. "How sweet they were!!"
The Sights & Sounds Museum is expecting to grow into a larger space soon. We will see you next year at the new location of the Sights & Sounds Expo Museum. Photos D. Dawson.

Early Rhythmism:
In 1970 I started an artists guild, called BAG. Our goal was to make the transition from talented art student to professional artist. Key members were Dalton Brown, Jim Smoote, Judith Lee, Espi Frazier, Obie Creed, and Kenneth Hunter. 

We also took on the politically charged watermelon as our logo and expressed its Red, Black & Green potential in manners that the orthodoxy of Black and mainstream art circles found challenging. We were considered too young to be that astute in this nexus of creativity, culture and commerce. They were wrong!
Each BAG member went on to become professionals in various area of the visual arts. Art Therapy, Art Education, Indie-Publishing, Fine Art, and major market illustration. Included is a photo of Hunter, Frazier and Onli with photographer Ray Lewis , taken by Jim Smoote at Howard University in 1972 during the National Conference of Artists' annual Convention.

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