Installation series from ONLI STUDIOS presented at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

 Catherine representing ONLI STUDIOS at the recent 6th Annual Black Comic Book Festival in NY at the Schomburg Library where Jerry Craft and so many others put together another exciting professional explosion of creativity, culture & commerce.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

 "Team BLANGA" is a Black & White Rhythmistic, graphic novel,  90 plus page anthology that takes the reader to places with styles, concepts and themes beyond the formulas of Manga and the Maintstream.  ONLI STUDIOS
 "EAST / WEST Zodiac Journal compares & contrasts the Chinese and Western zodiacs plus has research, tables, charts along with spaces for your personal journal or create notes. ONLI STUDIOS
This amazing book is illustrated by talented female illustrators and artists who wanted to express their interest in healthy practices while promoting open diverse images of how the female may look in this context.  This is a wellness / fitness resource book.  It has spaces for note taking, goal setting plus a Ten Week Work Out Plan.  ONLI STUDIOS